WALLPAPER*, UK – January 2018
wallpaper magazine agustina bottoni 2018 design ceramic

ELLE DECOR, Italy – September 2017
Elle Decor Italia - Best of Design 2017 - Melodicware by Agustina Bottoni

MODERN DECORATION, China – September 2017

ICON DESIGN, Italy – July 2017

ELLE DECOR, Italy – April 2017

Elle Decor Italia

Elle Decor Italia, Agustina Bottoni & Andrea Branzi
INTERNI KING SIZE, Italy – April 2017
Interni, Agustina Bottoni

ZANOTTA CATALOGUE, Italy – April 2017

WOHNREVUE, Switzerland – February 2017

HANDICRAFT, China – February 2017

LIVING, Italy – February 2017

ABITARE, Italy – January 2017

MODERN DECORATION, China – January 2017

LIVING, Italy – April 2016

KITCHEN KULTURE, Book by Gestalten, Germany – 2015

PICNIC, Edición Especial ‘Hecho en Latinoamérica’, Mexico – March 2015

WOHNREVUE, Switzerland – June 2014

INDESIGN, Australia – May 2014

DOLCE VITA, UK – Spring 2014

MR, Hong Kong – March 2014

QUALITY, Germany – February/March 2014

YUTERRA, Russia – December 2013

GREEN DESIGN VOL II, book by Dorian Lucas – 2013


INTERIOR WORLD, South Korea – July 2013

DEZEEN: Agustina Bottoni creates cocktail glasses based on Milanese architecture
DOMUS: Fenomena
IGNANT: EDEN By Agustina Bottoni
DESIGN MILK: Melodicware: Objects That Create an Auditory Experience
DISEGNO: A perspective on Milan 2017
CREATORS / VICE: 4 designer donne risvegliano i sensi dal torpore delladigitalizzazione
CATALOGO DISEÑO: Agustina Bottoni Explora la posibilidad de experimentar objetos desde lo auditivo para transmitir un mensaje gentil.
ICON DESIGN: L’arte del taglio
LIVING: Diamoci un Taglio
ELLE DECOR: Triennale di Milano: L’essenza dll’industrial design in mostra
TREND TABLET: Talents. Agustina Bottoni
THISISPAPER: Glow by Agustina Bottoni
PAESAGGI DOMESTICI: Agustina Bottoni e il design interiore
LA CASA IN ORDINE: Il design di Agustina Bottoni
DESIGN MILK:20th Anniversary of Le Salon at Maison&Objet
NYKYINEN: Memory Vessels
DESIGNLINES: Newcomer: Glow
ARTNAU: Los geniales diseños de producto de Agustina Bottoni
FOLIO: Totems de Agustina Bottoni
GESSATO: Glow tea set by Agustina Bottoni
PSFK: Tea-making chemistry set turns the art of brewing into a science
STYLUS: Glow Tea Set by Agustina Bottoni
LIFESTYLE:NEWS:GLOBAL: For good measure: bottle helps you pour with care / Glow your mind: the tea set for light relaxation
MOCOLOCO  – Knock on Wood Shoes by Agustina Bottoni / Gold Ratio by Agustina Bottoni
DAILYTONIC – ‘Puntada’ coffee table by Agustina Bottoni
INHABITAT – Agustina Bottoni’s Monolithic Brut Barbecue Set is Made From Recycled Coconut Coir
TOILDROP – Knock on Wood shoe / Villa Cariño
JOCUNDIST – Golden Ratio