MEMORY VESSELS — photographic objects

Personal photographs have the power of transporting the viewer back in time and space. People treasure them for the memories they keep, they are important to their emotional lives. However, with digital technology many pictures are taken but sometimes they never get printed or even looked at.

This collection of objects give materiality to digital photographs taken during a visit to the designer’s hometown Buenos Aires after a long absence. A tabletop mirror and two trays are handcrafted from copper plates using a photographic acid-etching technique. Images of natural environments are translated into the metal surface.

These simple everyday objects act as a window to distant places, and through use and interaction with them, they aid recollection. Each piece acts as a vessel that supports and displays memorabilia objects (photos, postcards, stones, etc.) to forge a stronger connection with them, instead of having them lost or hidden in a drawer.

Memory Vessels exists from the need to encourage meaningful relationships with objects.

Photos by Roberto Nino Betancourt