MELODICWARE — sound portal

Melodicware is an exploration on the auditory experience of objects.
The collection consists of a series of sound sculptures and a hand-knotted curtain, which contain brass chimes of different lengths that play musical notes when set in motion.


The lush fringes of the delicate pieces invite to be touched by passersby, becoming thus an unexpected musical instrument. A gentle touch swings the brass chimes, releasing casual melodies that remain unique and ephemeral.
Melodicware embellishes a space with its sculptural presence, and the possibility to interact with it brings it to life for a fleeting moment.

In current times of discordance, these gentle objects convey a message of hospitality and joy

Presented during Milano Design Week 2017 as part of the exhibition Fenomena, an interactive sensorial installation curated by The Ladies’ Room and co-produced by 5Vie.


Year: 2017
Photo: Roberto Nino Betancourt
Video: Sirio Vanelli