IN ITINERE — installation for Building Gallery

By The Ladies’ Room (Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio) in exclusive for Building Gallery.

Phenomenology of a path between nature and architecture. The project is site-specific: a multisensory, intimate and structured path, with four installations, designed exclusively for the gallery, and created to accompany the visitors in a symbolic rise, through encounters and levels, which lead to the knowledge and the rediscovery of distant ancestral images, a design that creates empathy with the observer.

The journey, in four moments, where nature and artifice meet, in a variety of perspectives and trajectories, inside and outside the building, In Itinere is a silent guide, a collection of delicate signs to be interpreted, before proceeding into a journey, material and poetic, through time and space, a journey to discover archetypal forms and dynamic objects, that coexist in harmony with the environment.

The first stop on this itinerary is Corrente: a vision of artificial botany, which sways imperceptibly and slowly, silently sings and enchants, invites passersby, from the window, to leave the road and enter.

A clue to orient yourself in the path of discovery, suspended on the stairs: Traccia, the enigma and the help, a mysterious and reassuring sign, in which natural and artificial elements cohabit and balance in harmony. An amulet to continue a journey, which elevates and continues upward.

Nord, a magnetized needle floating in water, on a marble surface, an object suspended between sky and earth, in the beating heart of Building. The gaze follows the direction of a magnetic force, omnipresent and fundamental, emblem of an individual journey still to be concluded.

Further step: Focolare, image sedimented in memory, a refuge that is once again reassuring, which defines a corner of rest and contemplation along the way: a marble crater emanates an essence, which recounts and encloses the lived path.