TEXERE — for Atom at Triennale di Milano

Texere is a contemporary tapestry evoking ancient forms of expression through hi-tech production methods. Combining ancient wisdom with modern technologies.

Inspired by knitted fabrics and handmade processes, it is composed of geometrical concatenated modules made from wool felt. A textile structure that allows a continuous piece to be formed without any limitation in length. The result illustrates the rigorous precision of Atom cutting machines, through a light and delicate modular configuration.


Year: 2016
Exhibited at Triennale di Milano.
Photo: Miro Zagnoli



Project commissioned for the exhibition “Atom: The Cutting Factory”, taking place at La Triennale di Milano from 11-30 November 2016

In a new story, 12 designers will emphasise in 12 individual works the industrial and production technologies of Atom, the Italian company that is the world leader in the production of cutting systems for flexible and semi-rigid materials. The exhibition, celebrating the first 70 years of Atom activity, will show a clear dialogue between industry and design, combining technology and creativity: all the projects explore the creative process of product design, and look at the materials and the interaction between them. All within a scenario that combines art, fashion, design and technology with aesthetics, to show the comprehensive production potential of Atom systems.


Atom S.p.A

Giulio Iacchetti
Francesca Molteni

Matteo Ragni Studio

Graphic design
Leonardo Sonnoli

Exhibition organization and coordination, communication and press office

4P1B Design Studio
Federico Angi
Alessandra Baldereschi
Denise Bonapace
Agustina Bottoni
Giulio Iacchetti
Joe Velluto
Lanzavecchia + Wai
Chiara Moreschi
Lorenzo Palmeri
Studio Sovrappensiero
Martinelli Venezia Studio